Hist-i-o-ry/ L’affare del secolo

Hist-i-o-ry/ L’affare del secolo
Hist-i-o-ry/ L’affare del secolo

Interaction with the performer, the space and the object

Artist Hamid El Kanbouhi works with great passion, drawing inspiration from things in daily life that move him personally. For Hist-i-o-ry / L'Affare del Secolo, he examines whether work and life outside work can be separated, and how many generations a person needs to disentangle him or herself from the collective and personal history. And to what extent can a biased individual be regarded as a product, one to be included in the circulation of commodities?

Hist-i-o-ry/ L’affare del secolo will be an performance installation through which the artist will explore notions such as family, background, the human being as a product, talent and governance, resulting in an all-involving work, inextricable from the reality of the daily life of the artist and his struggle to survive as a creative.

The work is specially brought to life for Museumnacht through continuous live performance, in which the artist offers himself to the audience in a unique way, displayed in the midst of an overwhelming and space-filling installation of paintings, drawings, sculpture, text and performance. The spectators and their interpretation of the work form an important part of Hist-i-o-ry / L'Affare del Secolo.

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